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The telecommunications market gets more confusing every year as the lines blur between voice, data and wireless communications. Achieving the most effective combination of rates and quality of service in this environment of continuous change is a time consuming and challenging endeavor — one we feel is best left to the experts. At Tcom Consultantz we focus only on telecom. And our process is designed to deliver savings while minimizing your time investment. Our three services are outlined below:

Cost Recovery — get your lost profits back!

Tcom Consultantz conducts a thorough financial review of all your telecommunication costs to uncover instances of over-billing. Identification of errors is only half the battle. The other half is convincing the carriers that credits are due and getting these credits issued. Since we deal with all carriers, we are familiar with their different “proof” requirements. This “audit” is very time critical, and delays can cost you money. Each carrier defines their credit recovery term in their contracts. Although the term varies, the result of delay is the same—expired savings. We also call these “lost profits” which helps to underline the importance of identifying and recovering credits before they expire forever.

Telecom - Voice and Data Audits:

Tcom Consultantz will audit your company's voice and data services invoices for accuracy. We help determine whether or not your company is receiving the correct rates promised by your voice and data provider(s). In addition, we help in monitoring regulatory fees, as well as taxes and surcharges. Most importantly, we assist in correcting incorrect regulatory fees, taxes and surcharges, and then getting our clients their credit or refund. Tcom Consultantz acts on your behalf to both demand and secure appropriate credits and refunds.

When we identify errors or improper charges in your voice and data bills from your past, present, and future providers, we will assist your company in recovering the lost funds. This may may include providing legal counsel, at our expense, or assisting your company's lawyer(s) with our industry knowledge and expertise. We specialize in mediating disputes between a carrier and your company outside of a courtroom, and without the involvement of Lawyers. Even when Lawyers won't take a case, your company may want to pursue action through Tcom Consultantz, as we have been successful in securing refunds and credits. We are skilled in filing complaints with the appropriate local, state and federal consumer protection agencies. Well worded complaints, using the correct industry acronyms, combined with well organized documentation, can mean a huge credit or refund for your company without legal action. We assist our clients with their current voice and data providers, recommend and quote other competitive providers, and negotiate good will credits and relief.

Provisioning & Disconnect of Voice and Data Services:

Any Voice or IT person can identify with the difficulty of having services provisioned in a timely, orderly, or expedited manner. These people, along with anyone in Accounting, can attest to the difficulty in getting a former provider's billing to stop, let alone get the end date of the billing correct. Tcom Consultantz is authorized to represent multiple carriers' voice and data services through Master Agents, and may provision services either through independent dealer channels, through direct sales, or via a combination of the two sales channels. We do this because it eliminates the potential or appearance of conflict. We keep voice and data providers’ two sales channels competing for your business in an industry where competition is becoming less and less. With Tcom Consultantz, our clients place service orders through us which lead the carriers to look at our clients and us as one collective customer and/or prospect. This unity gives our clients and Tcom Consultantz added respect and attention. Our goal is to help your company out getting voice and data services provisioned. In addition, we assist with orders that need to be expedited, and in getting the previous providers accounts canceled on time and the billing stopped. Your company will realize enormous value when you outsource many of these tasks to Tcom Consultantz.

Project Management:

Do you have a voice or data project that needs to get done but don’t have the necessary staff when additional hours need to be worked to complete the project on time? Maybe your company doesn't have a project manager that can work enough hours in a week, month, or year? Maybe your company doesn't have a project manager at all? At Tcom Consultantz, we can help manage the project for you.

Outsourcing voice and data communications management is quickly becoming an appealing option for many companies who are looking for help. If your company has an overworked staff, has projects that need to be completed by a deadline, has undergone a transitional period in which staff have been terminated or quit, or has no project manager at all, then having Tcom Consultantz as a part of your voice and data management team would be a valuable addition to your company.

At Tcom Consultantz, we know that to manage a successful project there must be documentation, control, and time management. If we don’t know what you need ourselves, our years of industry contacts and relationships will help us find the information quickly and efficiently. This helps keep projects on track and on budget.

Invoice Management:

Monitoring voice and data invoices that are known to be filled with errors can be an incredible strain on accounting, telecom, and IT departments. The decision of paying bills that shouldn’t be paid versus the potential of having voice and/or data services cut off is a hard decision that may even cost a person their job! All experienced Owners, Executives, Voice, and IT people know the anxiety. They know the costs!

Employees for the voice and data providers and your company will come and go, but with Tcom Consultantz as your company’s outsourced agent, we stay the same through those periods of transition. As the carriers merge operations, billing issues are at an all time high. The Billing resolutions groups of the voice and data carriers continue to have fewer employees managing more outstanding billing issues per employee as the carriers merge operations. Common sense is that a company is in no hurry to credit, let alone refund, for billing errors on their behalf. You are dreaming if you think any carrier is in a hurry to pay you back for billing errors that will result in them giving money back to you in a time when the industry’s margins are at an all time low.

Tcom Consultantz has adopted the Six Sigma methodology into our delivery process. By employing centralized Analysis Centers of Excellence, Tcom Consultantz has been able to build a significant knowledge base to leverage our expertise and quickly identify and execute projects for our clients. These centers also allow us to streamline vendor relationships and utilize subject matter experts creating further efficiencies.

There is an incredible amount of consolidation going on in the voice and data industry which is resulting in many changes with the carriers and their employees. More industry layoffs are certain with this convergence, and many industry veterans will be switching jobs. One constant with Tcom Consultantz is that through all the mergers, we are still here to evaluate new billing platforms and billing resolutions departments’ procedures and contacts. Time is of the essence when it comes to identifying and resolving billing errors, and with Tcom Consultantz working as part of your management team we will get the job done.

Cost Reduction — keep up with the changing telecom market and your changing business!

While conducting the invoice audit we create a corporate telecom profile. We use this profile to audit your bills and also to identify any areas of cost savings within your current contracts.

Over time most companies accumulate services, and while quickly installed, they are often not removed once their purpose has been eliminated. The result is an over provisioned organization that wastes money paying for services no longer required. Tcom Consultantz will bring these issues to your attention and reduce your monthly costs.

With the rapid and constant changes in the telecom market it is easy to get out of step with the latest products and services. Tcom Consultantz will compare your current set of services with the latest carrier offerings. This often delivers enhanced service at a reduced cost.

Telecom Expense Management — validation and optimization!

Are you: confused and frustrated by endless telecom invoices? Authorizing payment for erroneous charges? Concerned you might be overpaying for telecom services? Our program eliminates the requirement for in-house telecom invoice processing. From invoice receipt to payment, we ensure all telecom invoices are audited and optimized. How much time, effort and money would this save you?

Web Development

Tcom Consultantz delivers the development of applications, supporting communities, social networks, user generated content etc. which are reliable, intuitive and developed to the highest standards. Our team is well versed in programming languages to build the best web and desktop applications. The process of developing web applications may sound hi-tech but it needn't be expensive; We offer great value for money whatever the size or style of your business and whatever the level of web based applications you require.

  • Web 2.0 Portals
  • Customised Content Management Solution
  • Desktop Applications

Digital Marketing

The Digital marketing brings many unique benefits like low costs in distributing information directly to the targeted audience, interactivity, faster response which measureable. At MindQ, we can help you in all aspects of digital marketing including email marketing, search engine marketing, Search & display advertising.

Search & display advertising has the ability to drive key brand metrics - brand and advertising awareness, message association, brand favorability and purchase interest. Our seasoned online professionals believe that your presence on the web has to reflect the true stature of your brand; which is why our designers and content developers leverage best practices to create advertising campaigns that make an impact and deliver the expected results.

  • E-Mail Marketing
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Social Media Optimisation


Digital Brand Index

Digital Brand Index is a one of its kind analytics framework which helps you in gaining a 360 degree understanding of a consumer's digital journey by encapsulating analysis of the industry, geography, product, competitor and much more across all digital channels.

Customer Analytics Strategy

Our cross-channel analytics services help you to drive value across the customer lifecycle from awareness to post purchase behavior. Our omnichannel analytics services transform various aspects such as market sizing, competitor analysis, marketing mix, segmentation, channel optimization.

Digital Market Research

Our cross-channel analytics services also comprise digital market research for Industry Analysis, Competitive Analysis and Geographical Market Analysis as well as identify cross selling /up selling opportunities and much more.

Digital Campaign Analysis

We help you measure the ROI of your digital campaigns to refine the social media strategy. Our analysis helps to understand the social media impact and effectiveness of your digital campaigns in a scientific manner and get the best ROI of the campaigns.

Consumer Behaviour Studies

We provide a granular understanding of consumer behavior using our analytics studies where sample size can go in millions. We help you identify which websites consumers spend their maximum time on, which type of content they like to engage with and who are the key influencers on digital.

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