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About Tcom Consultantz Group

Tcom Consultantz is an outsourcing firm focusing exclusively on voice and data services management. We assist your company and its employees in provisioning voice and data services, billing audits and invoice management. We have decades of industry experience working in both direct and indirect organizations for nearly all major voice and data carriers throughout the SouthEast.

We are authorized to represent multiple carriers' voice and data services through Master Agents and may provision services either through independent dealer channels, direct sales and/or a combination of the two sales channels. Because our clients place orders through us, voice and data providers view us and our clients as one collective customer and/or prospect. This unity gives our clients and us added respect and attention.

We are your company’s advocate when the carriers and you disagree. We have proven escalation techniques that assist in resolving disputes your company may have with its carriers. In addition decades of industry contacts allows us to resolve things such as billing disputes, trouble tickets and to expedite the provisioning of services.

We provide training and assistance to critical sometimes overworked telecom managers, IT and accounting departments. We will propose ways for your company to save and recover money spent on voice and data communications budgets.

In addition to our Sarasota location, we maintain a legislative office in Tallahassee which enables us to be active in the Florida Legislature, the Public Service Commission, and the FCC. By developing relationships with law makers, regulators, and the attorney general we are in a unique position to act as consumer advocates. Your company’s advocate. We keep our clients aware of industry developments and the laws affecting them.
Tcom Consultantz Group International Inc. is an independent telecom auditing firm that recovers lost profits from inaccurate billing and reduces future telecom charges by uncovering rate and operational inefficiencies.

The telecommunications market gets more confusing each year as the lines blur between voice, data and wireless communications. This market transformation means more than half the telecom costs come from data and wireless devices - services that didn't exist not that long ago!

Achieving the most effective combination of rates and quality of service in this environment of continuous change is a time consuming and challenging endeavor - one we feel is best left to the experts.

Our management team has over 55 years of experience analyzing telecom data, on both client and vendor sides. We have leveraged this experience to create the most effective processes and technological tools. Our proprietary software, certified methodology and extensive market intelligence combine to deliver guaranteed results.

Tcom Consultantz has adopted the Six Sigma methodology into our delivery process. By employing centralized Analysis Centers of Excellence, Tcom Consultantz has been able to build a significant knowledge base to leverage our expertise and quickly identify and execute projects for our clients. These centers also allow us to streamline vendor relationships and utilize subject matter experts creating further efficiencies.

Over the past 4 years alone, Tcom Consultantz has analyzed $125 million in telecom spend and cut more than $15 million from future payments! While increasing or maintain current service levels, these opportunities deliver profit directly to the bottom line.

Our clients include some of the World's largest corporations. With offices in the US and Canada, we optimize even the most sophisticated global telecom networks.

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